Veteran/First Responder Outreach

During our travels to gun stores, gun shows, biker rallies, political meetings, seminars and other places that 2nd Amendment patriots gather, we are fortunate to meet many groups which have the same philosophy we here at Dakota Firearms do of honoring our veterans and first responders, and feel it is appropriate to spread the word about what some of these groups are doing to help our heroes.

There are over 4,000,000 registered veterans in our VA system. When you add the veterans who choose not to utilize the VA, the numbers are staggering. Along with the physical challenges, PTSD, TBI, and other mental disabilities, the effects on our heroes is massive. There are 22+ suicides per day, or 8,000 annually. The groups identified below are helping to dramatically decrease those statistics.

Below are links to those organizations which we have come across which we feel are the best that America has to offer. More will be added in the future. Just click on the respective logo.

Freedom Loving Americans
VALOR Clinic
Camp Freedom