Dakota Firearms, through their other corporate name, “GL Consulting, LLC”, is a Federal Firearms Licensee, commonly known as an “FFL”.  This allows GL Consulting to legally purchase, sell and transfer firearms. At this juncture it is only engaging in firearm transfers.

If you purchase a firearm online, the online retailer cannot ship the firearm directly to you.  Rather, the firearm must be sent to an FFL of your choosing, usually one close to your home.  You make arrangements with the FFL to pick up the firearm.  However, prior to you taking possession of the firearm, the FFL will first run an FBI or PSP background check on you.  If the result comes back “approved”, you complete the required ATF form 4473 through the FFL.  This form marries up the firearm purchased (serial number) with the buyer, whereby the buyer MUST affirm they are the purchaser/owner and NOT a convicted felon, or some other reason which makes them unable to legally own a firearm.  If there are no “red flags” observed by the FFL, you sign the form, take possession of your firearm, shake hands, and go about your day.

If you purchase the firearm in person at a brick-and-mortar retail store or gun show, there will be no need to get GL Consulting involved, as the selling merchant is also an FFL and will take care of everything.

GL Consulting’s actual license is on file with GunBroker.com.  So, if you purchase a firearm from this web site and want to use our services, all you need to do is find us in the FFL drop down list on their site. 

If you purchase your firearm from any other online retailer, that retailer will ask you which FFL you would like to use.  In such cases, you need to contact us so we can send the retailer a copy of our license.  The retailer will NOT ship your firearm without verification the firearm is being sent to a legitimate FFL.

If you decide to use our transfer service, the only stipulation is that you are a Pennsylvania resident. The standard fee for firearms transfers is $35.00. If you have attended at least one of Dakota Firearms training classes, the fee is discounted to $25.00. This is our discount to you for believing in us. We’re even making it easier for you. Simply click here to book a date and time which works for you.