Classroom Training

In the world of classroom-style firearms training, the phrase “you get what you pay for” hits the nail on the head. There are generally two methods used for classroom style training.

The first method, and the cheaper method, is one in which the student sits in a classroom and stares at slide after slide of a PowerPoint presentation, and learns through memorization of the material on each slide. The student never leaves their seat except for breaks, but does interact with the instructor by asking and answering questions. At the end of the class, the student leaves with their head full of information, but no practical handling experience. These types of classes are very popular with students who live in those states which require a “Certificate of Completion” of firearms training before the student can get their concealed carry permit. But that whole concept is flawed, because the student, in many cases first time gun owners, can now qualify for their permit, but nothing else. So now with a permit in their wallet, and a concealed gun on their hip, they walk among us, never having actually trained on the handgun they are now carrying.

The second method is one of immersion training, where the student is immersed by doing. Students in these classes touch and handle actual firearms, practicing firearm operations using dummy ammunition under the watchful guidance of a certified trainer. These classes allow students can repeat practice exercises until they are comfortable with the exercise. Students are able and encouraged to handle a wide variety of actual firearms the instructor has brought along for students to use. This allows those students who are not yet first time firearms owners to pick up, hold and handle various models of firearms to see which fits them best. At the end of the class, the student will have actually practiced loading/unloading, aiming and firing (using dummy ammunition). Showing the student a PowerPoint slide of proper trigger finger discipline is not the same as having the student practice it for real.

Dakota Firearms operates using this second method because we want our students to be the BEST trained, BEST educated law-abiding gun owners possible. At our indoor classes, students are immersed first by watching then by doing, with an actual firearm. With instructor involvement, students actually practice what they just saw demonstrated. For those students in the class who are not yet gun owners, the instructor brings a wide array of firearms students are encouraged to pick up, hold and use, to allow the student to determine for themself what they liked and not liked about each firearm handled. In our classes, students who are already gun owners are encouraged to bring their own handgun along to class, for which the instructor will inspect the gun to be certain no live ammo is in it,

Private Facility Classroom Training

Dakota Firearms has had tremendous success conducting private training classes, such as in the comfort of a family room of the student’s home, a church basement of the student’s place of worship, or a conference room of the student’s employer. This allows for more one-on-one interaction between the students and the instructor. These classes are four (4) hours in length and are given on weekend days. To get the biggest bang for your buck, discounts are offered for multiple attendees booking at the same time. When booking, a booking calendar will appear. Simply pick the date, time and number of attendees, then click on “Book Now”. To book your own private training class, please click here or on the respective photo below.

Public Facility Classroom Training

Dakota Firearms also uses public facilities for training classes, such as hotel meeting rooms, gun store training rooms, local business conference rooms, etc. These classes are four (4) hours in length and are given on weekend days. These classes can accommodate more students, which is a benefit when participants bounce questions and ideas off each other.

Our next public class is a women’s only Basic Pistol class at the Hilton Gardens Hotel at 1787-B Airport Road, Allentown, PA 18109 on Saturday, August 20, from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. To register, when you click on this link, or on the respective photo below, you will be taken to the training class booking area of this web site. A booking calendar will appear, but only August 20 will be available for booking. Simply choose that singular date, and the only available time slot of 9:00 – 1:00, and the number of participants. Then click “Book Now” to be taken to the checkout page.

Private Facility Live Fire Training

After successful completion of the classroom training, students will be ready to move over to the range for live fire training. The classroom training is a prerequisite to range training, because students need the fundamentals of safe gun handling before putting live ammo downrange. Please note, for the safety of all our students, those who have not gone through the classroom training will not be able to book range time, through the absence of the booking calendar. If the booking calendar appears, it means the student is on file as having previously gone through classroom training. Then simply pick the date, time and number of students (max. 2), then click on “Book Now”. To book range training time with your instructor, please click here or on the respective photo below.

Private Classroom Training
Private Range Training
Public Classroom Training