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Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. This article is from a blog from the law offices of the McShane Firm. Do not construe this as actual legal advice. Nothing in this content constitutes legal advice. If you are in need of legal advice on this matter, retain a licensed, competent attorney in your relevant jurisdiction.

Please note that in 18 Pa.C.S §§6102 and 6106, once a handgun or “firearm”, is placed into a car, then these rules apply, even if it remains in plain view at all times. This chart only applies to Pennsylvania law regarding travel within Pennsylvania.

* Or an equivalent concealed carry permit issued by a reciprocating state as recognized by the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

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Misdemeanor Consequences in Pennsylvania

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. Nothing in this content constitutes legal advice. If you are in need of legal advice on this matter, retain a licensed, competent attorney in your relevant jurisdiction.

A misdemeanor conviction has a lot of consequences in PA. Just because it is a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania, doesn’t mean that it is a slap on the wrist. A conviction is like a diamond, it lasts forever. Here is the most comprehensive list of those consequences on the internet. A person convicted of a misdemeanor could:

  1. Lose the right to hold elected office
  2. Be unable to serve on a jury
  3. Lose the opportunity to adopt children or take in foster kids
  4. Lose the right to own firearms for life
  5. Be ineligible to borrow student loans
  6. Be ineligible for a professional license
  7. Possibly be required to register under “Megan’s Law”
  8. Possibly be required to submit to a DNA sample if convicted of certain misdemeanor offenses

So, when folks ask what are Misdemeanor Conviction Consequences in Pennsylvania? There can be a lot. And we will concentrate on the ability to own firearms, since this is a firearms-related web site. If, in the case of owning firearms, any misdemeanor for which the maximum possible sentence is greater than two years will mean you lose your right to own firearms for the rest of your life.


One of the major misdemeanor conviction consequences in Pennsylvania surrounds firearm rights.

Under 18 Pa. C.S.A. 6105 those with a conviction for a misdemeanor of the first degree may not possess a firearm for the rest of their lives. Under section (b) of that statute, the law spells out the many offenses that are disqualifying. While many of these are felonies, some of the crimes are or can be misdemeanors.

Further, section (c) of this statute prohibits gun ownership for any offenses under the drug and cosmetic act, including misdemeanors, which carry a possible prison sentence of more than two years. Three DUI convictions in a 5-year period will also result in a prohibition on purchasing or transferring firearms. There are a lot of asshole drivers out there for which you need to have your wits about you. Don’t be one of them and drive drunk. It’ll f*ck you up more than you can imagine.

If a court sentences you for any violation of Act 64 (The Pennsylvania Drug laws) including paraphernalia charges, you will not be able to have a License to Carry a Firearm in PA. So in other words, any misdemeanor drug conviction in Pennsylvania carries with it a lifetime ban on a concealed carry license (properly known as a PA License to Carry a Firearm). So if you are going to exercise your Second Amendment right, do yourself a favor and stop living a drug-fueled lifestyle.

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