Repulsive, But Right

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, 18-year old Payton Gendron traveled from his home in upstate New York 3.5 hours away to a supermarket called “Tops Friendly Market” in Buffalo. There he live-streamed himself shooting at shoppers, killing 10 of them. He chose this location because it is in a predominantly black neighborhood. His actions were repulsive, by everyone’s standard. No controversy from me on this.

Police also discovered he wrote a 180-page “manifesto” of his actions. This blog is not about white supremacy or racism, so those aspects of his manifesto will be ignored. But in a commentary posted by Western Journalism, Gendron did what he did and chose New York because of its lax and idiotic gun laws. Within this manifesto is a section entitled “Weapons, Equipment, and Mentality of the Attacker”, he expressed his views on gun laws that gun grabbers don’t want you to know about.

He started off with his vitriol of liberal fetish for “gun-free” zones, and progressive loathing for permits to carry concealed weapons: “Attacking in a weapon-restricted area may decrease the chance of civilian backlash. Schools, courts, or areas where CCW are outlawed or prohibited may be good areas of attack. Areas where CCW permits are low may also fit in this category. Areas with strict gun laws are also great places of attack.”

Further down, in that same section he wrote, “NY has cucked gun laws. Assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines are illegal for civilians to own, thus lowering threats from law-abiding civilians.” He wore body armor because he knew, thanks to New York liberals and their mania for defying the Second Amendment, the chances of his being met with multiple heavily armed individuals were almost nonexistent, and that only the police could stop him.

As repulsive as his actions were, his analysis is spot on! Areas where gun-control laws are strong are great places for mass shootings to take place….schools, movie theaters…and now…supermarkets. Over the last decade or so, where have we seen the mass shootings?…Columbine High School, a movie theater in Colorado, a nightclub in Orlando, a supermarket in Buffalo. You do not see mass shootings at an NRA convention or bike week in Sturgis. Criminals know to stay away because of the high probability of attendees being armed.

There is a very popular phrase out there among law-abiding gun owners, and maybe you heard of it. “An armed society is a safe society”. This cannot be further from the truth. Criminals are not going to do their crime if everyone is armed. This statement is also applicable on the geopolitical scale as well. Russia has been kept in check since the end of WWII with regards to attacking NATO countries because all the NATO countries are armed. Putin attacked Ukraine because Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

So criminals like this asshole know where to strike…areas of vulnerability. He knew the civilian population was not going to stop him.

While Gendron pulled the trigger, New York state also has blood on their hands. Below is a list of NY gun laws which allowed this massacre to occur:

New York State’s ban on magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition; this murderer totally ignored this stupid law, and said he was happy knowing that any armed citizen who confronted him would be low on ammo.

New York State’s mandatory background checks on handgun sales; like most mass killers, this murderer passed his background check and then shot thirteen people. These checks do nothing other than give governor Hochul a list of gun owners.

New York State’s ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ laws; this murderer was flagged but nothing happened. New York’s ‘Red Flag’ laws are great at seizing guns from innocent gun owners, but are totally worthless at stopping criminals.

New York State’s ban on buying AR-15s or similar firearms; this murderer was very prepared for his attack with an AR-15, while New Yorkers are limited to handguns and hunting rifles.

New York State’s lack of a Stand-Your-Ground law; while almost 40 states have this law on the books, New Yorkers are required to retreat before taking defensive action against criminals. Even drawing your firearm in the wrong county can leave a gun owner facing criminal charges!

If your personal belief is that you abhor guns and don’t want to be around them, that is your prerogative. I and others like me are not going to browbeat you into getting one. Just make sure that when the excrement impacts the rotary oscillator, you hide behind someone who does not share your point of view.

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