Stop Feeding The Narrative

Yes, you, law-abiding gun owners, are feeding the leftist media’s narrative, and you are probably unaware that you are doing so.

If you are reading this, there is a high probability you own at least one gun or at least believe in our Constitutional right to do so. Maybe it’s for hunting. Maybe it’s for sport. But more often than not for most of us, it is for self-defense.

Here’s a scenario that unfortunately all of us recently had to live out. You flip on the TV, and watch a breaking news story of the likes of Sandy Hook (CT) and Robb Elementary School (TX), where innocent young lives were murdered. And you shake your head in disbelief and get pissed off that it was allowed to happen. You then jump on social media and opine on the active shooter situation.

Part of the reason you get pissed off is because the left starts whining about more gun control. What they are doing is bundling you and all other law-abiding gun owners in the same category as the school shooter. Then you shout back at the TV…“But I am not a killer”.

This is the cause and effect the leftist media wants. They want you bundled in with these vile sociopaths, because if you are seen in this light on a large scale, they can jam their anti-gun rhetoric down our throats easier.

We need to change the narrative, and we CAN change the narrative…one person at a time. We need to stop referring to these vile sociopaths as “active shooters” and start referring to them as “active killers”, because they either have killed or are looking to kill innocent people while their shooting spree is “active”.

I own guns. I shoot guns. I teach about guns. When I go to the range and do some live-fire practice, yes, I am an “active shooter” at that point in time.  But I am not an active killer, because I have no intent on killing anyone (unless it is in a legally justified self-defense situation).

Maybe if enough of us law-abiding gun owners were to collectively call these nutjobs what they actually are…”active killers”, it may eventually filter down into the public lexicon that every law-abiding gun owner may be an active shooter, but not every law-abiding gun owner is an active killer.

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