FFL Transfer Service Policies of GL Consulting

GL Consulting, LLC is the Federal Firearms Licensee of Dakota Firearms.

  • For firearm transfers from other FFLs: The transferring FFL must send us a copy of their license before the transfer can take place.
  • For firearm transfers from private parties: To prevent transferring a lost or stolen firearm, GL Consulting will ONLY conduct transfers from private parties if the transferring party can show proof of ownership. This must be either a copy of the original sales receipt containing retailer letterhead/logo, and identifying the firearm’s model and serial number, or a copy of form 4473 showing them taking original possession. If such documents cannot be produced, transferor must be willing to complete and sign an affidavit indicating they are the actual owner of the firearm(s) to be transferred.

Our fee is $35, regardless of background check status. This fee is payable here through our website. This avoids the handling of cash or credit cards during the actual firearm transfer.

Firearms delivered to GL Consulting from another FFL will be held for no more than thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the firearm. If the transferee (that’s you) does not make arrangements within those thirty days, GL Consulting will attempt to return the firearm back to the transferor. If the transferor refuses the return, GL Consulting will then attempt to sell the firearm outright, and the transferee is S.O.L.

Our Transfer Process

1. Transferee must make an appointment with GL Consulting to pick up the firearm. Our contact information is on the bottom of this web page. Our fee must be paid prior to the scheduled appointment time. PICS is available for background checks daily from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Every time the asshats inside the beltway attempt to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights, gun/ammo sales skyrocket along with CCW permit applications. As a result, PICS is currently taking an extremely long time to respond with a status, sometimes upwards of 3 hours. Therefore, suggest the transferee make an appointment early enough in the day to allow for this lengthy response time. If you make an appointment after 7:00 p.m., there is a possibility that PICS will be shut down for the day before a response is provided. GL Consulting reserves the right to start the PICS process and to have the transferee leave and return after a status has been provided.

2. Transferee must present a government-issued photo ID from which a PICS background check can be conducted. More often than not, this is the transferee’s driver’s license.

3. GL Consulting will first conduct a PICS background check on the transferee.

4. If the PICS status is “approved“, transferee will then complete both the following:

  • ATF Form 4473
  • Pennsylvania Form SP4-113, sales tax remittance (handguns only)

5. If the PICS status is “delayed”, the transfer process stops until resolution of the delayed status. The firearm remains in the possession of GL Consulting until resolution of the delayed status, usually no more than 24 hours. The Pennsylvania State Police will contact GL Consulting with the updated status, who in turn, will contact the transferee. (Please note, by law, PSP has up to 45 days to make a determination on the delayed status.)

  • If the delay results in a change of status to “approved”, the transferee must return to GL Consulting to then complete forms 4473 and SP4-113. 
  • If the delay results in a change of status to “denied”, read process step #6, below.

6, If the PICS status is “denied”, the transfer process stops completely. The firearm remains in the possession of GL Consulting until resolution. The transferee has the option of resolving the denial status one of two ways: challenging the PICS denial status or selling the firearm to GL Consulting. Do NOT ask us to circumvent, make an exception or “look the other way” in this process.

  • If transferee opts to challenge the status, GL Consulting will present transferee with a PA State Police “challenge form”, to be completed by the transferee at the transferee’s home. GL Consulting highly recommends the transferee also contact an attorney to assist with the challenge. Click here for a list gun law attorneys recommended by GL Consulting.
  • If the transferee opts to sell the firearm to GL Consulting, transferee will be paid fair market value via corporate check. GL Consulting does not utilize payment services like Venmo, Zelle, etc.

GL Consulting reserves the right to halt the transfer process if situations warrant, despite the transferee passing a PICS background check.