Colt 1911 TALO Commander – only 300 made

You see this acronym every time you engage your favorite hobby…looking at guns, either online or in brick and mortar stores. You notice that only some of the guns on your favorite web site or in display cases are marked “TALO”, “TALO Edition” or “TALO Exclusive”. When I first saw a gun description which included “TALO”, I assumed the gun was off limits to me and only available to law enforcement or the military. I’m glad my assumption was wrong.

TALO Texas Edition Sig Sauer P938

But what does it mean? TALO is an acronym for a wholesale buying cooperative that was started in 1965 by fishing and hunting wholesalers in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. This coop commissions limited edition runs of firearms from well known manufacturers such as Colt, Glock, Ruger, Mossberg, Sig Sauer, and others, and distributes these limited edition firearms to dealers all across the U.S. TALO wholesalers, dealers and collectors have allowed the coop to raise money for many important groups like USA Shooting Team, Semper Fi Fund, Navy SEAL Foundation, MARSOC, etc. over the years. And yes, even Dakota Firearms is privy to TALO specials available to our customers!

Colt 1911 TALO Aztec Edition with Knife – only 500 produced

These limited edition models are something unique that is not found in the manufacturer’s general catalog. Some of these limited editions are numbered, thus increasing the value for the collector, or the exclusive may just be a special offering available to more than just collectors. The offering could be something the manufacturer does not generally do or offer, or something exclusive for a distributor. It could be something simple as cerakoting the firearm. Or perhaps a 1911 may have a “Trump 45” version. Maybe it could be adding a specific appliance to the firearm, such as the Ruger Max 9 TALO Edition, which comes from the factory with a Crimson Trace red dot mounted on it, which yours truly just happened to pick up and loves shooting. As a standard practice, Ruger does not put a red dot on any of its firearms out-of-the-box. Owners have to add one as an aftermarket item. Click here to see the Ruger Max 9 TALO Edition in our online store. Or you can simply type “TALO” in the our store’s search bar to see all the models Dakota Firearms offers with TALO in the description.

So if you are looking for a new gun and you have the opportunity and budget, consider getting a TALO version of your desired gun if you want that “wow!” moment from your gun enthusiast friends. Click here to get more information on the entire TALO collection.